Group bookings.

Arrange a time for James to visit your home, depending on the location prices may vary to cover travelling expenses.

Local readings start from £25 per person.

Booking Deposits

When requesting a booking it is requested that a deposit is taken.

This constitutes to £10 per person or £100 for 10 person party. If your party is less than 10 people a deposit of £10 per person is still requested.

Please note this refund id non-refundable.

Booking Deposit price options


Telephone Reading.

Please note that Telephone readings are not recorded.

You Phone James and have a Reading over the Telephone.

Uk calls will be around £50


Overseas telephone Reading.

You phone James at the appointed UK time

The reading can be recorded in note format and can be sent normally with in 5 days.

Overseas calls may vary but will be around £50 a reading.



Email Readings

If you wish to have a reading by email. Please could you send James a few lines about yourself and a photo.

If there is a delay James will e-mail you to say how long.

Email readings will be £50 a reading.



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Note credit card payments can still be made without having a paypal account.

E-mail Bookings:- CLICK HERE ........ Use this option to make an appointment by email.

Telephone Booking:- 07976730252 use this option to book by phone.

International Call: Telephone (+44) 07976730252
Send your Letters and comments if you have had a reading with James and let him know how you are getting on :


Please note:

Although you may have made a payment through this service, it is advisable that you still contact James to confirm your booking.

Contact James on 07976730252





*Attention*:  Disclaimer:- James cannot provide any guarantees,
you must be responsible for your own life choices and decision making



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