Tarot Cards are a means of divination with pictures showing trends and choices in the past, present and future.

The tarot cards have been used through the ages, the earliest English tarot cards being recorded in the 15th century and have been displayed in British Museum.

Tarot Cards are a tool which the Psychic uses as a quick link to Clairvoyance or Channelling with their spirit guides. This will enable them; at the same time as using the tarot cards, to give a whole range of additional information.


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Tarot Cards help with time slots or delays which may occur due to outside influences or outside people involved.

Tarot cards are a jigsaw puzzle, only when other cards and influences such as psychometry and clairvoyance are applied can the true picture be seen.

Tarot Cards show the obstacles that must be overcome and when they are likely to occur.

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The key to decrypting the Rosetta Stone was the cartouche symbol

When the Rosetta Stone was found, Egyptologists knew they had something which might help to decypher hieroglyphs. The Rosetta Stone has on it the same inscription in three different languages.

The bottom third was written in classical Greek, a language that scholars knew well. The central third was written in a script and language known as demotic, which was not known, but presented an easier puzzle than the hieroglyphs, which made up the top third of the text on the Rosetta Stone.

It was a bit of a guess that the long oval shapes which enclosed other glyphs might denote the names of the Pharaohs mentioned in the classical Greek text. With this inspired guess, however, Jean-Fran├žois Champollion was then able to finally decypher the hieroglyphic text.

The concept of the Cartouche symbol as a key for decoding meanings is the reasoning behind the name of the Way of Cartouche system. Each card in the Cartouche system is a key which can unlock the answers to the questions you seek

Clairvoyance derives from French, meaning 'clear sight'. The term is generally used to include any ability to gain information by psychic means, rather than through the physical senses. But as suggested in the translation, 'clairvoyance' literally refers to the ability to see clearly, to view things that are not usually seen.

The term 'clairvoyant' is usually used to describe someone who can communicate with the dead or 'the spirits' as they're often referred to. Methods of communication can vary from psychic to psychic.

Clairvoyance is a faculty that is independent of normal eyesight and is exercised by the mind without the assistance of the senses; placing the hands over the eyes makes no difference to clairvoyant visions, though turning the head away often causes the pictures to disappear.

Often the clairvoyant describes the images as resembling a small card that seems to appear somewhere about the middle of the forehead. In parapsychology the ability is regarded as a part of extrasensory perception.

The clairvoyant may be able to see or sense people and things that seem not to be present to those with ordinary sight. Such perception, which results in a visual image being presented to the conscious mind, may pertain to the past, the present or the future.

Some people believe that a clairvoyant person gains psychic visions through communication with spirits: that the information is obtained as a result of the combination of their own special abilities and the communication from a person or persons from 'spirit'.

When an object is held or touched by a person, especially if the object is owned exclusively by the person, it becomes 'imprinted' by them. Physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the owner may be picked up by a psychic.

The psychic will hold the object and go into a state of calmness or meditation and 'pick up' many aspects of the owner's past, present and future.

Psychometry is a useful addition to a tarot card reading to 'extend' the reading and provide additional information











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