The success rate of James readings is very high and there is a long list of satisfied customers from all over the country.

It is possible for James also to contact your missed loved ones and pass on messgaes from beyond, many times putting worried minds to rest.

If you do believe in the art of fortune telling you will be amazed at what you may find out, whether it be good or bad.

Overall though just have an open mind.

Below is a selection of readings which have been collected from a number of satisfied customers.

Reading for Andrea Ellwood.


On having my tarot cards read by James he told me I had Cancer and had to seek medical attention.

On doing so I found that I did have cancer and it had spread. I owe my life to James for what he predicted.

Without his advise I wouldn't have gone back to the doctors.

Reading for Irene Gardiner.

Although initially apprehensive and somewhat cynical, James had me speechless in minutes.

His degree of accuracy of accuracy was astonishing, particularly over things he could not possibly know.

He is not afraid to let you know of less than positive times but always helps to work through this.

The whole reading was a very positive experience which I would not hesitate to repeat.

I can't recommend James highly enough.


Reading for Gill Davey.

I have never had a reading before and came with an open mind. I found what James said amazing.

He told me things that only I would know. Private, personal and deeply emotional. He was very straight

talking and helpful to try and move things on.

I shall reflect on his reading and I will certainly have another reading in the future.

Reading for Debbie Thompson.

James has predicted a few things that have already come true, he also saved my life at the beginning of the year with his predictions. He has helped me look through bad times of my life as there would be good times to look forward too. On first meeting James he told me I had been married and had three children to my ex and one to my partner, he also told me about my ex's new wife. He also told me to watch my health, i laughed as I am never ill, weeks later I took ill I was in and out of hospital. I had a tumour on my liver which was slowly killing me, needless to say I have been operated on and am alive and kicking. He also told me that me and my partner would become closer and would get engaged, which we did. Faced with the probibility of me losing my life and then he would have to fight for my kids. He also predicited that I would move and I did; also that I would change my car and it would be blue in colour, yet again he was correct.

So on the whole James has been part of my life for the past 18 months to tell me good and bad. Still lots to look forward to.

Reading for Lindsey Elliot.

James, has predicted in my future that I am to marry my current boyfriend wayne. The last reading I had with James he predicted that I would meet a man with dark hair, blue eyes, who was involved legally i.e. "Civil Servant or police." He said I would meet him within a month or two. I met Wayne at christmas which was two month since my reading. He said he would be the perfect man and I would marry him after only two monthsof being with him. James also asked me who I would call my daughter after?, I explained Emily Rose. James replied after your Grandma, who I was really close to and miss terribly. I was quite upset but happy at the same time, I have not known anyone with such powerful predictions as James before. I have had six readings in total with James, and every reading has told me things that have happened in my past, present and future, these have in turn helped me with important decisions I've had to make in my life.

The very first reading I had with James, he told me I had been sexually harassed at work, and I had. James also told me I had a sister in spirit and said that she would have had her 21st Birthday that year. I was stunned because I didn't know my mother had a miscarriage. After the reading I confirmed this with my mother and she was shocked because only my mother and father knew.

Generally i would recommed anyone to have their cards read. James is very talented and has got a gift!. Whether news is good or bad, James guided us and helped me make the right decisions in my life. I hope for many more years James will always be a good friend who guides me through the good and bad.



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We asked James tarot, a medium from redcar, Cleveland to read for six people at random.

How much did he get right? Judge for yourself!



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